Tools Up is on the job

If you ever wanted to experience being a Renovator, Tools Up has you covered and – RENOVATED!

Tools Up is a couch co-op, family and friends party game developed by The Knights Of Unity, and published by All In Games.

You team up with your family or friends to renovate an apartment building in multiple ways. It takes more than one person to finish the job. Can you work together to get everything accomplished in a timely and effective manner?

You can play Tools Up solo, but it will be real hard to complete challenges

You and your team have been hired to come in and make this building a beautiful place. But not just one room, you have to renovate it from the bottom to the top. 

Your team’s duties include removing and installing all types of floors, such as, concrete, carpet, and hardwood. Removing old wallpaper and replacing it with new, or painting, and moving furniture around. 

Every apartment is different and can propose a new challenge!

The controls are very simple and allow you to throw, pick up, and drop off items. In order to pass to the next level or unlock other renovators to help you on your journey, you need to complete the renovations to earn stars. 

The Blueprint

Tools Up offers two game modes

No Time Mode, for the casual gamer who likes to take their time and achieve level completion at their own pace.

Timed Mode, for those who like a challenge and try to test their skills to see how fast , they can renovate a room.

The character selection ranges from a number of wild animals such as an Otter, Dog, Llama, Koala, and fish. If you are playing solo, you have to earn your stars in order to unlock even more wild animal renovators to help you on the job like the Snail, Iguana, and Pidgeon. 

Blueprints are provided at the start of levels. Study these blueprints to find out what needs to be done. The controls are so simple that a child can play this! They allow you to throw, pick up and drop off items. In order to pass to the next renovation, you must complete the apartment, from the restoration process, to the clean up. Failing to do all tasks can result in failure of the level, or least number of stars.

What Challenges Await?

Your first level of apartments are a breeze as you learn how to maneuver the plans and renovation, no hazards pose any problems during this stage.

Every few floors presents a new themed challenge. Each apartment has different working conditions, some will have water as in rivers, ice ,and rain that you will have to wade through, lava , and dogs trying to trip you as you move furniture. Others will call for you to have you use your trusty tools, such as paintbrushes, and sledgehammers to tear down walls. Out of all the challenging rooms I renovated, was the last, and that’s apartment number 30. Here you have to deal with rain and a ghost that likes to throw you off your game by picking up your materials and placing them in another room of the apartment.  

It took me 20 minutes to complete this level solo, it made me want to rip my hair out. 

The Good, The Bad, & The Concluded

If you play solo,

I found this game enjoyable by these standards, the controls were simple and the renovators you unlock, help you progress in the level. 

I had a lot of dislikes for this game and the main one is no online play! They meant it when they said couch-co op, so I don’t recommend purchasing this game if you have no one in your local home to play with. I felt that was a big turn off of the game because playing with someone through multiplayer, you can accomplish a lot more and fully enjoy the game. 

The buttons, while simple to play, were a little hard to control because you could easily drop something or the character ends up doing something other than what you commend them to do. So in other words, the controls could have been more fluid. The game is straightforward and lacks a story line.

The music and graphics are pretty plain and stick with the overall theme of the game. It gives you the feel that you are in a cartoon. 

I would pass on this game if you want to play it by yourself. It is hard to complete because it requires you to play with another person. 

Although I enjoy the concept of being a renovator, i would need to renovate with other people and since it lacks online multiplayer, thats not possible.

Pick it up for your family and enjoy it together!

Links to Game:

All In Games

Knights Of Unity

Tools Up can be purchased on  Xbox, Playstation, & Switch stores for $19.99

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