Tunnel of Doom

In 1903, The Mayor of Goldcrest, a small mining town, Closed down the mine due to an “unknown accident” until further notice. With her husband trapped inside the mine, Angel sets out into the mine to search for her husband and other survivors. But what she doesn’t know, is something ghoulish lurking in the shadows.

Antti Vaihia brings you his second game Tunnel of Doom; A game mixed with the components of an action rogue and tower defense gameplay. Set traps, Gather Resources, Find Perks, and use Weapon combat to avoid being done away with the monsters lurking around the mine.

What I find interesting about this game is the Randomly generated maps. Antti Vaihia has said that the layout of the mine,the monster battles, and the perks change with each new game, so you’re never playing the same run. He also has a Dream Mode in which you have to escape the mine in order to play the “endless challenge”. Also, the games retro vibes are giving me Zelda 64. Which was a staple in my life growing up as a Gamerholic.

Attention Pc Players FREE BETA:

Want to try out Tunnel of Doom? Antti Vaihia is giving you a beta run of his game before it launches on Steam and Xbox One/ Series S/X?. Sign Up here:


The test runs from January 29th (my birthday yay) through February 1st, 2020.

So Gamerholics what do you think, a game you might want to try? let us know in the comments below.

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