We are proud to have the website back up and running to bring our readers more reviews. One of the first things we were offered to give our thoughts on is a game that recently came out called Vampyr. With not much advertisement of its release, not many know much of what the game is about, or possibly know of the release, but we are here to give our thoughts.



During the time of the Spanish flu in London, there are also the rise of vampires, only bringing the death rate higher. You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a war veteran who was just turned into a vampire, and unfortunately killed his sister who was trying to find him. Demanding answers, Reid sets out to find out who turned him into a vampire, while trying to help London during the server outbreak.


Combat is simple, and easy to handle once players get a hold of how mechanics work. Gaining XP by doing common task including fighting, quest, and conversations will help players level up their vampire abilities, while scavenging for trinkets and parts to upgrade their weapons.

For Vampyr, plenty of time will be spent on interacting with NPC’s. Depending on players actions with NPC’s it can affect the game more than just the story, like healthier districts have cheaper vendors, fewer enemies to fight, and the same is reversed for districts on the brink of chaos.



When first playing, the balance of XP game from interactions seems unbalanced, 5-50 XP for normal enemies, 10-50 for conversations, few hundred, to a thousand for boss fights, and 350-6000 XP for devouring people. Although, with more time spent on playing, players can come to the assumption that many of the game-play decisions were well thought out to make sure for a balanced game, which feels amazing depending on how people wish to play.


Gameplay could be considered balanced for how you want to play, but some things are missing that could improve the experience. Although the game map is nothing huge, the fact you cannot fast travel in between safe houses makes it feel more like a hassle to explore and fight more enemies when you just wanna go back and forth between sections to check on a few things.



Many things people can find gripe with the game-play can be understandable through the developer’s choices, yet one thing that annoys me is the minimal of save states. It is more of an annoyance than a requirement, but when people want to try different routes, or screw up a hint, they should not have to start a whole new game. Even though the choices make a strong difference, and only change dialogue for certain scenarios, having the option for save states would give more freedom to players.

Luckily, there are not many glitches or bugs for Vampyr, yet some things stand out. A few characters seem to only stare where their head moves, and not look at the player when talking. Another is after chatting with NPC’s Jonathan would run towards a certain direction without the player controlling him, and would only stop once the player starts moving him. Obviously there are bound to be some glitches, however, they are far more noticeable in Vampyr.



There are plenty choices in the option menu to allow players to change their settings, that will allow them to play, regardless of PC power. The game can look either gorgeous, or good depending on the setting players have on it, but one thing that cannot be denied the level of detail in the environment for players to explore.


The soundtrack for Vampyr can be simplified as London during the Industrial Revolution, with additional choirs during the times of devouring people or similar actions. Music can be compared when players think of Sherlock Holmes, nice music for the theme, and the set time.



The story and combat are both well thought out, and nicely done, but nothing amazing. There are a few things that can be added to improve the game, but those things should have been already optional to use. Many of the choices the developers took for Vampyr is understandable, yet for an experience that should change through your actions, only a few things appear useful.

I can say that I do recommend Vampyr, but you will have a better time with this game as long as you know what you are getting into, instead of simply starting blind.


  • thought out combat system.
  • Decent story
  • Nice visuals.


  • No save states
  • No fast travel
  • Some items become useless depending on play style.


  • Choices are not widely important
  • Few bugs and glitches.

Note: If you have Vampyr, remember the announcement about the new game modes coming soon.

We were given this game free for review, however, it did not impact our view of the game.

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