Now’s the Time for Sony to Attack

Last week we were given a glimpse of what the nextgen consoles had to offer as far as gameplay from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. There was a lot of excitement surrounding this as it would also include the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay as well. There was no way this could go wrong……but it did.

At first things started off good with them showing off Bright Memory Infinite gameplay for a brief minute. It was beautiful, and very detailed, with rain effects and high winds mixed with a little action. After that, the word “gameplay” really no longer played a role in the presentation with Xbox showing a ton of third party titles that consist of trailers that didn’t really have any gameplay in them. A few titles stood out like Call of the Sea, The Ascent, The Medium, and Second Extinction. All look like they have great potential but also look like they belong to the current gen.

So this has me questioning the graphical power of the next consoles. Sure the first year is always the year where the titles don’t look as good as the previous gen so are we as console players expecting too much out of the nextgen? I mean we have faster load times, maybe bigger games, possibly better a better network system and maybe sharper gameplay but are we going to make a big leap with this nextgen is my question. So we will see if the gameplay graphics hold up and can impress us when more is revealed.

Above all you have to give Microsoft credit for firing first and giving us something nextgen to look at even if it was just a bunch of trailers. We have barely heard anything out of Sony on the Playstation 5 besides the tech and a pic of the controller. So right now kudos to Microsoft for at least giving us trailers. The biggest disappointment though was the failed gameplay trailer from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that really didn’t show much of anything and was a failed attempt to really showcase their upcoming title. This was an opportunity to have someone play it and have the audience watch in awe as they show the world of Valhalla.

Where does this leave Sony? Well this is the perfect time for Sony to strike back and show off the Playstation 5 with a bunch of games, gameplay and a console reveal with a price. The ball is literally in their court right now and I believe all eyes are watching them to respond with a similar presentation that they had with the Playstation 4 reveal years ago. So let’s go Sony! What do you have to show us?!

Overall, Microsoft had a good presentation but they messed up by calling it a gameplay presentation when there really was none to be seen. They also said they would be showing off first party games and more in July and that would be the best time to bounce back from this previous presentation. What did you think of the gameplay presentation? Good? Bad? Ok?