The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 differ in so many ways.

Take, for example, the differences in Game Pass. Xbox offers the most bang for your buck with their Game Pass. The Game Pass app is one of the Xbox’s most popular apps (who doesn’t like free games now!). The PS4 also has Game Pass, but Xbox definitely dominates it! The Xbox doesn’t hold a candle to the selection of games available on the PS4 Game Pass. PS4 dominates game-wise, and I enjoy playing games much more on the PS4 than the Xbox.

The Xbox controller also beats out that of the PS4. The larger, more ergonomic design of the Xbox control makes it easier and more comfortable to grasp. Sony has copied Microsoft in creating controllers that look like Xbox controllers.

In terms of picture quality, you can’t beat the PS4. The picture is insanely awesome! You especially notice the difference if you play a PS4 on a 4K television and a high-quality monitor.

Xbox versus Ps4 reminds me of Sega versus Nintendo: every gamer has their preferences, but both offer something for everyone. The beauty of sitting and playing either one of these consoles just takes you into another world like everything has disappeared in real life.

They both have pros and cons but at the end of day does it really matter which one you have? I’m pretty you sure you are going to be satisfied, and nothing is going to stop the hidden gamer inside.

I prefer the PS4 personally as a better console. I love the beautiful design. I download a lot of games, and I have never run out of space with my PS4. I’ve reached the Xbox’s storage limitations, however. Xbox says they have the better core, and I don’t believe the PS4 dominates Xbox in all aspects!

So the question in the end is…WHO YOU WITH?