Games with Gold November 2020

Xbox has released 4 games for the month of November. Enjoy your free games!

Aragami: Shadow Edition

a Third person stealth game that puts you into the role of an undead assassin. You have the power to become invisible, depend on the shadows to teleport stealthily. You can grow your powers to even summon a dragon to help you lay merciless destruction upon your foes. Not only can you take on your enemies solo, you can also team up with someone to make double the trouble!

Xbox Classic: Full Spectrum Warrior

Your skills will be put to the test when you end up as commander of Alpha and Bravo squad. Take on urban warfare with real infantry protocol.

Swim Sanity

Grab your friends and go underwater for this co-op/ vs shooter. Team up with four and go against another four man squad, or battle it out solo to be the last Mooba standing. A super competitive fun game with over 150 challenges and 8 game modes.

Xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

Relive the whole Indiana Jones Adventure but in, Lego style! Go through all the adventures and find all the secrets and unlock hidden treasures.

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