After Many Years of Demanding, Fans will Finally Win

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been going on for almost 3 years and today a dream has come true! Today Snyder and Warner Bros. have announced Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be officially coming to HBO Max in 2021. 

Last week there was news that Snyder had shown his version to WB executives and just a few days later we got this amazing news. Warner Bros. Pictures will be shelling out anywhere to $20-$30 million dollars to see his version completed with full effects as well. The original Justice League movie was heavily criticized for its horrible cgi so maybe with some extra money those issues can be fixed for a better overall look. 

Now, it is said that Snyder did complete 100% of his photography so if any reshoots needed to happen it could be small and of course editing and maybe some voice over work will be needed. The big question would be if anything needs to be done on Ben Affleck’s part since he left the DCEU after the Justice League. Ben was a supporter of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut so let us hope that maybe this sparks a fire in him to help out. 

Snyder thanked all parties to help get this going and the non stop movement, “I want to thank HBO Max and Warner Brothers for this brave gesture of supporting artists and allowing their true visions to be realized. Also a special thank you to all of those involved in the SnyderCut movement for making this a reality.

Details have been spilling out all day about what this could mean for the DCEU and what all could be included and you can bet your butt that I will be on this like white on rice! Even though I accepted that Justice League was flawed in many ways I still enjoyed it but had always wanted to see what the real version looked like. I am beyond excited for this and have been wanting this since I left the theater during the premiere 3 years ago.

With the recent release of the DCAMU movie, Justice League Dark Apokolips War making a huge splash in the comicbook movie community could have been a moment to wake up and accept the fact that fans wanted the DCEU to remain it’s more darker tone and realistic approach. Man of Steel was a great film that was rough around the edges and Batman v Superman, was bad but the extended cut that Snyder wanted to originally release was far better so maybe we should let this man just release his vision and things might actually be fine within the DCEU.

 What say you? Are you excited to see Snyder’s Cut or do you think the time has passed?



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