Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Images courtesy of Rebellion

Now, I have this Love/Hate relationship for Zombie games. I cannot even watch a horror movie alone, and if I do, IF, all the lights will be on in the house, and it will also be DAYTIME. The pack that I run with, or my main gaming squad, has had me playing these new set of zombie games. Even though I have seen the Zombie Army franchise, I have never played it, heard any reviews on it, Nor did i seek them out, until today.

I Love a great Co-op Game, especially when your gaming with someone and you have that team work makes the dream work vibe! Paired with a great storyline and gameplay, I get HOOKED.  Rebellion has stated that they have also catered to those that have never played their zombie game, and can jump right into Zombie Army 4.  If you haven’t played, like myself, Here is what we can expect.

What’s going on with the Undead?

Set in the past, the year 1946,  Hitler, although defeated, released “Plan Z”. A terror that plagued all of Europe. 4 heroes, set out to pushback the undead and Hitler himself, and it seems that he is back for more! 1 to 4 friends can join in on the fight to send Hitler and his horde back to hell with easy drop in and out co-op options. I really appreciate that because its a pain running through levels and level before a friend can join you.

They are expanding their horde mode. All my folks know that I am a Horde Queen!, even though i may scream, once i get the hang of things, it goes DOWN! we are able to mow down zombizzles and extend further into the maps? I am so there for that! and what would be a zombie survival game be without customizations to the weapons you will be using. Add mods like electricity or fire to your weapons to make sure zombies go down in a manner you choose. Upgrade your characters abilities to last longer through the city and the canals of Italy.

Zombie Army 4: Dead Zeppelin

Images courtesy of Rebellion

A new, and anticipated finale DLC drops in season 2 of Zombie Army 4: Dead Zeppelin. A Hellish airship looms over the city and it is up to 4 heroes, you and your squad) to chase down the airship through the city and board it to stop the zombie apocalypse falling from the sky.

Are you a fan of Zombie Army 4? Let me know in the comments how you are liking it and the new DLC.

Demeo, A dungeon crawler experience in VR

Tabletop gaming is about to have a new experience, a virtual one! It has been a long time since I have entered the realm of tabletop gaming. In San Francisco, CA; there is a store called Gamescape, which has been around since I was born, that sold unique 3D puzzles, toys, and on Thurs & Saturdays, their specialty, tabletop gaming! Nerds of young and old alike, would pile up in the back, around the tables and take their turns battling each other for bragging rights. Now, Resolution Games has brought tabletop gaming to VR.

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